“My art work investigates my heritage, my journey as an immigrant. I explore the ideas of crossing barriers and borders physically and spiritually, human connection and transition, sometimes referencing archaeological and architectural pattern and texture. I allow my introspections to take form, such as abstract books or prints. Often defecting the correct way to create a thing that normally has instruction and creating uncomfortable pieces to articulate.”

"Mi trabajo actual investiga mis raíces y cultura, cruzar fronteras fisicamente o espiritualmente, usando referencias de la arquitectura y arqueologia. Me interesa mezclar el performance y el grabado, permitiendo que mis introspecciones o meditaciones tomen forma como un objeto, o libro abstracto, que a menudo desertan de la manera "correcta" de crear una cosa que normalmente tiene instrucciones."


b. 1981 Chihuahua, Mexico

Raised in the borderlands of El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Calderón earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Arizona State University, 2008. She studied bookmaking & printmaking in Cortona, Italy in the University of Georgia's Study Abroad Program in 2016 & has studied Printmaking at the University of Dallas.

Calderón exhibits artwork nationally and internationally. Working primarily with relief printmaking and performance art, she juxtaposes traditional and contemporary techniques. In 2018, a partnership between CALA Alliance, ASU Art Museum & PAOS Gdl allowed Calderón to live, create and exhibit her artwork in the MuseoTaller José Clemente Orozco, former home and studio of the famous Mexican muralist.

Currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona, Calderón has an extensive background in community service, she has managed multiple art projects including XICO’s Steamroller Collaborative Printed Mural, and Colors of La Comunidad mural projects. Calderón enjoys teaching workshops nationally and internationally; PAOS GDL, Taller Imagen Rinoceronte CDMX, Phoenix Art Museum, ASU Art Museum, Free Arts for Abused Children of Arizona, Mucho Mas Art Studio. She previously taught for 10 years, including at Las Artes de Maricopa, International Leadership of Texas, Mesa Art Center, NFL Yet College Prep.